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Should We All Be Drinking Olive Oil? An Ultimate Guide

A lot of us already use olive oil as our primary cooking oil, mainly for its taste and nutritional value. Extra virgin olive oil has so many benefits that we’ve gathered our top reasons why you should drink it every day! 

What? Drink olive oil?! It may sound strange at first, but in many countries olive oil is considered a medicine used both in food or ingested on its own.

The oil by itself retains its health benefits the best as opposed to mixing it with food. Start small with a tablespoon, and you can up the dose to 2 or more tablespoons. You can even add a dash of lemon juice to enhance the flavor!

Here are some reasons why you should drink extra virgin olive oil every day!

It Can Strengthen the Immune System 

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Our immune system is under attack everyday from viral and bacterial infections. Olive oil, by chance, has the highest concentration of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that have anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking olive oil daily provides a boost in pathogen fighting cells to help the immune system function efficiently. 

It Helps Lower Blood Sugar

The monounsaturated fatty acids found in EVOO help lower blood sugar levels more than all other types of cooking oils. It naturally produces much needed insulin, which is a key hormone that controls blood sugar levels. This is why olive oil is an important supplement for people who have type 2 diabetes. 

Olive Oil Supports a Healthy Heart

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There’s newer research showing that people who consume more than half a tablespoon of premium extra virgin olive oil daily, have less chances of developing cardiovascular problems and coronary diseases. Oleic acid, one of the many types of unsaturated acids in olive oil, helps regulate heart health. But one important piece of advice is to replace all other fat sources with olive oil: doing so will make sure that you are not consuming too much fatty food which can reverse the benefits of olive oil. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Can Help Liver Detox 

Our body’s liver has several primary functions: vitamin storage, blood detoxification, fat metabolization, plasma protein synthesis, enzyme activation, cholesterol and bile excretion.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis will help these functions perform more efficiently. Olive oil acts as a “natural laxative” for the liver which helps it release more bile.

This aids the liver in releasing stored toxins, making extra virgin olive oil great for liver detox. This process also helps reduce the fat deposits inside the liver, which helps tremendously for diets that address a fatty liver. 

Polyphenols in Olive Oil Improve Brain Power

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While mental disorders cannot be simply cured by drinking cooking oils, the polyphenols and antioxidants present in olive oils can maintain a healthy brain. More recent studies are coming out that show a higher correlation between brain health and quantity of olive oil consumption. This ability to help keep the brain in a safe and functioning state may prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's and depression. 

Optimum Daily Intake of Fatty Acids

According to the US Food and Drug Administration: a recommended daily intake of 17.5 grams of monounsaturated fatty acids. Extra virgin olive oil contains that amount of fatty acids in about 1.5 tablespoons, making an efficient way to get your daily intake! You can also have a small boost to your daily intake, so a half tablespoon will also suffice. 

Beautiful Skin, Hair & Nails

Extra virgin olive oil has been used as a beauty aid for over a millennia. Hair, skin, nails and bones can all benefit from a daily dose of olive oil in our diets.

But external application of oil can also aid with beauty, such as repairing damaged hair and nails; it can even act as a skin moisturizer!

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory Properties of extra virgin olive oil,

The most effective anti-inflammatory compound, oleocanthal, is only found in olive oil. This compound has the ability to prevent, reduce and relive most inflammation.

It inhibits the enzymes COX-1 and COX-2 that promote inflammation, much like how ibuprofen does. Various studies have shown that people who consistently drink olive oil have lower body inflammation and higher bone density. 

Helps the Digestive System

Olive Oil can help protect and restore the mucus lining of the colon from passing hard stools. Most people drink a tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach, which aids in relieving chronic constipation.

By doing that, the colon gets its relief because the stool becomes softer and moves more easily throughout the colon. This is one critical factor in proper digestive health, and is a natural remedy that is more effective than traditional laxatives. 

It Can Help Lose Weight

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Extra virgin olive oil has the ability to increase the sensation of fullness. This is achieved by the high levels of serotonin present in the oil, and coupled with the aromatic properties, can help people eat less and lose weight!

But it is important to realize that consuming daily olive oil might increase your overall caloric intake, since a tablespoon of olive oil can contain about 119 calories. To achieve the best weight loss results. Its best to replace other fats in your diet with olive oil. 

Many people in the Mediterranean use olive oil very liberally in their daily diets, however, its important to note that moderate use of olive oil will help achieve the oils greatest benefits.

You must keep in mind that a daily dose of olive oil has to be done with a balanced diet; too much monounsaturated fatty acids can have the opposite effects. Moderation and balance are key to having a healthy diet. 

In the end, always do your own research, especially when it involves your health.


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