Our Newest Harvest is here!

Here is a quick comparison of our 3 new products.

Every harvest taste different!

  • Arbequina

    Highly robust, peppery and strong in aroma, leaving a tasteful burning sensation in the mouth.

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  • Ayvalik

    Lighter and buttery, not as strong compared to Arbequina and Trilye. Ideal for use when a strong olive oil taste is not desired. 

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  • Trilye 

    Fruity, fragrant, and refreshing. It leaves a perfumed scent and a slight burn in the mouth.

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*** Last year's harvest only.

Smooth but robust flavor profile with a peppery finish: perfect for sauteing, baking, or for mixing in salads. 

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Our Awards of Excellence

  • Gold  - New York IOOC, USA

    Gold - New York IOOC, USA

  • Gold - EVO IOOC, Italy

    Gold - EVO IOOC, Italy

  • Best in Country - Anatolian IOOC, Turkey

    Best in Country - Anatolian IOOC, Turkey

  • Gold - London IOOC, UK

    Gold - London IOOC, UK

  • Gold - JOOP, Japan

    Gold - JOOP, Japan

  • Gold - CIOOC, Canada

    Gold - CIOOC, Canada

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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

Very Low Acidity

The Ultra-Premium (UP) standard was created in response to the growing need to separate high quality extra virgin olive oils from what dominates the so-called “gourmet” and “premium” olive oil markets. UP olive oil needs to have less than 0.30% acidity: our oils have only 0.10%!

Very High Polyphenol Content

Consuming foods that are high in polyphenol helps promote good gut health and reduce inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, high polyphenol content can be found in any olive oil cultivar. The brighter and greener the flesh of an olive, the higher number of polyphenols it contains. In terms of taste, the more burning sensation it creates in the mouth, the higher concentration of polyphenols.

Cold Pressed on the Day of Harvest

We don't let the olives sit in containers for days after picking them up. We immediately bring them to the facility to be pressed on the same day, ensuring to preserve the highest amount of nutrients in the olive fruit. This is not the case for most store-bought "cold pressed" olive oils!

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