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The Ultimate Guide to Using Olive Oil for Beauty Purposes : What To Use Olive Oil For

Olive oil has a long and rich history of being used for a wide variety of purposes. From being used in cooking, to adding luster and shine to hair, people from many different cultures have found and used the benefits of olive oil for centuries.

In this article we will examine some of the different ways that you can enhance your beauty routine, what to use olive oil for ,  in order to get better skin, healthier hair, and everything else you can achieve. In particular, we are going to look closer at Turkish olive oil, as olives from this area in the world are renowned for their quality and excellence. Enjoy!

Using Olive Oil For Skin Care

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Extra Virgin olive oil is a great product to use for nourishing, moisturizing and healing your skin. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, making it an excellent natural moisturizer. It also contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and others, that help protect the skin from free radicals and help hinder premature aging.

Whether you are looking to add moisture to your dry and patchy skin, or providing your skin with the health benefits and minerals of a quality virgin olive oil, dabbing a few drops on a paper towel or cotton pad, and applying it to your skin can be a great, easy and inexpensive way of achieving skin care results in a short time.

Using Olive Oil For Dry Skin

Since olive oil contains a high amount of monounsaturated fats, it will act as a natural emollient, allowing it to soften and smooth the surface of your skin. Olive oil will form a thin layer on the top of your skin, helping keep the moisture in place, and preventing dry skin.

Therefore, you can use olive oil as a lip balm, to help alleviate dry elbows, knees or feet, as well as any other area on your body that has dry or itchy skin. We recommend you try a small amount to begin with, and then increase the amount applied gradually, in order to avoid a greasy feeling on your skin.

As a Natural Makeup Remover

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Are you tired of the harsh chemicals that are used in makeup removers? Olive oil is a natural, gentle and effective way to remove your old makeup, and can safely be used on people with allergies to certain chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and other harsh ingredients.

People with dry or itchy skin can also have issues using makeup removers, and given that olive oil also helps with these conditions, we highly recommend them to try out our virgin olive oil instead. You can even olive oil for a face wash, in order to get all the benefits while taking care of your hygiene.

For a Smooth Shave

Whether you are shaving your face, legs or any other part of the body, olive oil can be a great and cheap way to achieve smooth and clean results. As mentioned already, olive oil is a natural moisturizer, meaning that it hydrates and softens up the skin when applied.

It is also an excellent form of lubrication when combined with a shaving razor, allowing your skin to be soothed and calmed while shaving the unwanted hairs. Using olive oil results in less redness, irritation and other issues, while also taking care of your skin at the same time.

As An All-In-One Solution For Your Hair

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Virgin olive oil is also great for your general hair care. It can be used for many purposes, such as providing a deep conditioning, improve the strength and elasticity, help with a dry scalp, add a shine and luster to your hairs, help you avoid excessive amounts of dandruff, and even act as a protective layer against heat.

If you are experiencing damaged or frizzy hair, try applying a few drops of olive oil throughout your scalp, as the oils will penetrate the hair shaft, and improve the general health of your hair. It also promotes hair growth due to the composition of the oil, as well as decrease the chances of damaged or split ends.


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