Everything You Need to Know About Using Olive Oil For Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Using Olive Oil For Hair

Most people recognize olive oil as a common cooking ingredient, but in recent years, this kitchen staple has become popular in hair and skin care. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support olive oil's beauty benefits for hair, the science so far is limited. Olive oil not only offers health benefits when consumed but may also offer cosmetic benefits to your hair when applied topically.

Here are the potential uses of olive oil for hair you need to know about. Let's get started.

Moisturizes Hair


While scientific evidence is limited, the chemical makeup of olive oil shows potential for a moisturizing effect when applied to the hair or skin. This is because olive oil contains Oleic acid, an emollient with softening and moisturizing properties. Olive oil's high oleic acid content is thought to help moisturize hair by penetrating the hair shaft to restore moisture.

Helps Prevent Split Ends

The moisturizing properties of olive oil may also help strengthen the hair and increase its elasticity, helping to prevent breakage or split ends. While olive oil can help soften the hair and keep it healthy, the best way to deal with split ends is to get regular haircuts to remove any breakage. You can use extra virgin olive oil everyday for hair to get maximum benefits.

May Help Stimulate Hair Growth


Many people claim olive oil makes hair grow faster. Olive oil contain vitamin E, which can help smooth hair and reduce frizz giving the appearance of hair growth. Olive Oil Vitamin E antioxidant effects may also support a healthy scalp, which could promote hair growth.

Bacteria-fighting: Olive oil can also help fight bacterial infections while strengthening the hair, which makes it an ideal addition to a hair mask, deep conditioner, or as a hot oil treatment to boost hydration and soften your coils.

Fights skin damage: The dietary squalane from olive oil is held in your skin cells to fight skin dryness and free-radical skin damage.

Treats dryness: Olive oil is good for treating dry, tightly textured hair because it smooths the cuticles, the sealing properties help trap in moisture.

How to Use Olive Oil for Hair


If you want to try out best olive oil for skin and hair, we recommend applying cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to the ends of the hair, not the scalp. The exact amount of olive oil your hair requires will vary from person to person, but it doesn't take much. You should use just enough to work it through the middle of your hair down to the ends.

Olive oil is very hard to wash out, therefore experts recommend using it prior to shampooing your hair as a moisturizing treatment. You can leave it in for about 15 minutes and then wash it out with a clarifying shampoo and a replenishing conditioner. Hair care experts recommend doing this once or twice a week.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that olive oil may be very beneficial for hair care. Unless a person has an allergy to olive oil, applying olive oil to the hair as a beauty treatment is likely safe and very easy to do.

We hope you found this article interesting. Please feel free to get in touch if you need any further information.

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