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Olive Oil Wonders: 15 Surprising Household Hacks & Cleaning Tips

Olive oil is more than just a culinary essential; it's a multipurpose home appliance that may completely change the way you clean. Olive oil's benefits go well beyond cooking, since it can be used for tasks like polishing furniture and eliminating tough stains.

It has been used for ages as a household hack and cleaning agent because of its all-natural qualities and efficacy. Exploring the realm of olive oil hacks, we find an abundance of unexpected uses that highlight its incredible adaptability.

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Let's delve into 15 surprising hacks and cleaning tips that demonstrate the remarkable utility of this ancient elixir.


Revive Wooden Furniture Shine:

Wooden furniture can be naturally conditioned with olive oil. To make your own furniture polish, combine lemon juice and olive oil in equal amounts. Using a gentle cloth, apply the mixture and gently buff to produce a glossy, revitalized finish.

Lubricate Sticky Mechanisms:

Are you sick of hinges that creak and sticky mechanisms? To lubricate and stop those irritating noises, dab a tiny bit of olive oil onto the afflicted area. Drawer slides, door hinges, and even garden tools benefit greatly from its use.

Remove Stickers and Labels:

Olive oil makes the process of removing stubborn labels and stickers quite easy. After liberally smearing the sticker with oil and allowing it to absorb for a few minutes, carefully remove the sticker using a plastic card or scraper.

Polish Stainless Steel Appliances:

Your stainless steel appliances can be made shiny again with only a little olive oil treatment. Using a gentle cloth and a tiny bit of oil, polish the surface in circular motions. It eliminates fingerprints and smudges while also forming a barrier that keeps stains from coming back.

Silence Squeaky Floors:

As a natural lubricant, use olive oil to say goodbye to squeaky floorboards. Just place a few drops between the planks and give it a light massage. By penetrating the wood, the oil lowers friction and gets rid of those annoying squeaks.

Condition Leather Goods:

Use olive oil to keep leather furniture, purses, and shoes supple and moisturized. Using a gentle cloth, apply a small amount and rub the leather in circular motions. This keeps your leather goods from breaking and increases their longevity.


Erase Water Rings on Wood:

Have you ever dropped a drink without using a coaster from your hardwood table? Remain calm! Combine equal amounts of vinegar and olive oil, then dab the mixture into the water ring with a gentle cloth. Before wiping it off, give it a few minutes to sit. The mixture nourishes the wood and aids in lifting the stain.

DIY Shoe Polish:

Use olive oil instead of polish when you need to shine your shoes quickly and don't have any on hand. For a fast shine, apply a tiny amount on a soft cloth and buff it onto your shoes. The oil conditions the leather in addition to adding sheen.

Clean and Shine Houseplants:

In addition to adding beauty, houseplants enhance indoor air quality. Wipe their leaves with an olive oil-dampened cloth to keep them glossy and clean. This not only cleans the leaves of dust and debris but also hydrates them, encouraging healthy growth.

Remove Paint from Skin:

Painting your skin when working on a do-it-yourself project is unavoidable, but getting the paint off doesn't have to be difficult. Apply a little layer of olive oil to the area that has been painted, and then gently massage it in. By aiding in the paint's breakdown, the oil makes it simpler to remove with washing and water.

Make Homemade Lip Scrub:

Use a DIY olive oil lip scrub to get soft, silky lips. To make a natural exfoliator, combine sugar and olive oil in equal amounts. To achieve a flawlessly polished pout, gently massage the mixture onto your lips to remove dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water.

Unstick Zippers:

Although stuck zippers might be annoying, there is an easy fix with olive oil. Using a cotton swab or soft cloth, apply a small amount to the zipper teeth. Then, move the zipper back and forth gently until it loosens. The oil lubricates the zipper, making it move smoothly.

Restore Wicker Furniture:

Although wicker furniture gives any room a hint of rustic appeal, it can dry out and crack over time. Apply a light layer of olive oil on wicker with a gentle brush or cloth to bring it back to life. The oil gives the fibers moisture, which makes them more flexible and extends the life of your furniture.

Fix Squeaky Shoes:

Although they can be humiliating, noisy shoes can be quickly silenced with a little olive oil. Apply some olive oil to the part of the shoe that is squeaky by dabbing a cotton swab or piece of cloth with it. With each step, the noise is eliminated since the oil lubricates the friction spots.

Clean and Condition Cutting Boards:

Applying olive oil to your cutting boards on a regular basis will keep them pristine and in good condition. Using a delicate cloth, gently dab a little amount of oil onto the board. After allowing it to seep into the wood for a few hours or overnight, remove any leftovers with a cloth. This helps stop warping and cracking in addition to eliminating stains and smells.


Olive oil provides a plethora of useful solutions for household chores and cleaning difficulties, serving as a monument to the inventiveness of nature. By embracing its adaptability and inherent qualities, we open up a world of possibilities and turn menial tasks into chances for creativity and sustainability.

Utilizing these 15 unexpected tips in your everyday routine will help you embrace a greener, more comprehensive approach to cleaning and care while maximizing the benefits of olive oil in your home maintenance efforts.

Extraordinary benefits come from olive oil, which is made from the fruit of the olive tree and isn't just for cooking. Because of its moisturizing qualities, mild acidity, and thick texture, it's a great option for a variety of household cleaning and maintenance jobs.

Furthermore, olive oil's renewable nature fits perfectly with eco-friendly activities, promoting a more sustainable way of living. By discovering the many uses for olive oil, such as conditioning leather goods and polishing furniture, we not only make our everyday tasks easier but also lessen our dependency on harsh chemicals and manufactured items.

The transition to natural solutions has wider ramifications for the health and well-being of the environment in addition to benefiting our local surroundings. Adopting olive oil as a multi-use household staple helps us live a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle while also improving the effectiveness of our cleaning efforts.

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